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    Mentor Asking For Help - Android & iPhone App Marketing with Autism

    Hello everyone,


    Here is a mentor asking for help. I recently loss some jobs during my medical issues that were not found until after I moved. It was almost a near-miss overall when I was here with no support system as well (appendix and other medical issues from being cyber bullied - even when you move the phone calls come with).


    Anyways - Since I have a non-existent budget yet all the tools I need some community help to get my application out there. I started a new version of my NEXRAD application written much better than previous - again fixing medical issues helps my overall design & development efforts anywhere.


    Can someone help get my Android app out in front of people in the Google Play Store? I also have the iOS version right now being tested (I used a cross platform tool set called Xamarin from Microsoft). I might need help there in a day or so.


    Please help share this - it is what help pays for the medical issues, rent, and my food.


    Here is the Android app if anyone can help send it out - if you know some marketing people or some sites that can help out please let me know. I can also send some promo codes as well.


    Sorry for sounding desperate - but the medical issues need to be solved while keeping my home based on the cyber bullying incident that I have all the IP addresses of.






    Chris Zenzel

    Chris Zenzel
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