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    Not found on google search


    I built my site www.apassagetoitaly.com on Website Builder. It's just an idea for a small travel consultant business. The builder was good enough for me. I also purchased an SSL Certificate.

    But still, even if I type the full name of the site, if I don't add the www..... and the .com part, it would not appear, not even in the 15 pages of search!

    How is that possible? I understand I have to pay more money and invest if I wanted it to be like in the first page. But as it is I expect to appear somewhere in the first 15 pages.

    If I write apassagetoitaly, it is nowhere to be found. Even customers who know about it would have a hard time finding it.

    Please help.


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    Re: Not found on google search

    Hi @Daniela,

    You need a site map https://www.sitemaps.org


    and key words https://business.yell.com/knowledge/what-are-keywords-and-why-are-they-important-for-seo/


    and there is more, but I'm sure you can search for 'SEO'.

    good luck!


    Re: Not found on google search

    Hi Daniela,


    If your website is brand new, I wouldn't worry too much right now, it'll get there 🙂 SEO is a long-term process and Google will take time to understand your website, how visitors behaviour on it, and how authoritative it is. Having the below key elements in place will help accelerate this process for you: 


    - Keywords optimised meta titles and descriptions

    - Keyword relevant H1 headers

    - XML Sitemap

    - Fully completed Google Search Console profile

    - Connected social media accounts

    - Regularly updated, high quality 'rich content (e.g. videos, infographics, blogs)


    If you need any assistance with implementing this, just let me know - www.herringbonemarketing.co.uk


    Hope that helps,