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    Search Engine Visability Errors

    Hi, I have a GODADDY website and I've just purchased the Search Engine Visability tool. I have no computer knowledge at all, just a crafter trying to set up a website 😞

    In the SEV it scanned my website and numbers 5 'Optimize your web page titles' & 6 'Optimize your web page descriptions' have errors.

    5 = 9 pages have title tags with invalid characters.
    31 pages have titles > 65 characters.

    6 = 26 pages have non-alpha characters in their description meta tags.
    34 pages have description tags > 155 characters.
    12 pages have no description tags.

    So I went into the first error and tried to fix the 9 pages by resetting or deleting the contects and rewriting it; I did the 9 then I clicked 'Publish All Pages' to which I got another error - "It looks like you have not created your site with us. What would you like to do?" Go Daddy website builder 'Buy Now' I do have a godaddy website so I'm not sure whats happening or how to fix all  these errors. Any help would be sincerely appreciated Thank you

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    Good Morning!


    If the SEV tool is showing errors when trying to use it I would recommend calling in and talking to one of our Support Representatives so they can take a look for you. Check out our contact page for more details!


    Hi Colacat, I had the same issue as I am an Artist but have limited technical knowledge. You have probably purchased the same SEV as me which does not connect to your website. I contacted godaddy and they gave me an alternative SEV tool which is newer and does connect to your website - it does cost a bit more, but is worth it. I would give them a ring if you haven't already done so.


    I hope this helps