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    Won't show up in searches

    Hello everyone. I have had a website for months now with the GoDadaddy package that includes SEO. I have done everything on the SEO link, added my site to Google Business and Analytics. When I search using keyword I don't come up anywhere on Google search. The only way I come up is if I type the name of my business in search. My business success depends upon website traffic . Please help!! I don't know what more I can do

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    The DIY product at GoDaddy teaches you the basics of SEO.  The difficulty of mastering is dependent on the level of competitiveness in your field, remember they all want to get top search results too.  There are many books, articles and blogs written on the subject.  To get ahead you'll need to do a little research and some trial and error on what works specifically for your site.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO.  And patience is a must as it can take some time and changes may not show immediate results.


    I would suggest you to get a Google Analytics account which provides invaluable information on how people reach your site, and what they do once there:

    The fastest way would be with video. Shoot a video using your mobile phone and upload to your Youtube channel. Use one keyword to name your video and use the same keyword as your video tag. You will see your video on google search within a few hours.


    Kishore Dharmarajan from

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    On relatively new websites it is not uncommon for it to take time to rise up the rankings. Google needs to understand the quality and performance of you website before it will rank you higher than other websites that have historic levels of authority, content and user experience. Could I ask what sort of searches you are hoping to be found for as this will help determine the competitiveness and how likely your are to rank highly in the short and medium term. 


    Using Google Search Console will also highlight if you have incurred any manual penalties or if Google is having issues crawling your website.


    Hope that helps!

    Getting Started

    @NWellington, What is your domain name? We can be a lot more help once we see how your site is doing and the balance in site title and description with page level content. Once that is squared away you need to start marketing the site with other media including Facebook, Twitter and others like Instagram and Google+. Getting authoritative sites to link to you can be more time consuming but is totally necessary if you really want to rank well for the more competitive keywords.

    Post your URL and let the community look it over and offer their experience to help get you going. 



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    @Serendipity Well, I'll bite! My site is I have a short-term rental on various travel site, but I'd also like some direct bookings in the future. I have set up G.Analytics, but I have to learn how to interpret. I have an Instagram and twitter account, too. What's Google Plus? Thank you in advance!