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    website not found on google search, help with SEO's!!

    hello, Ive had my website for a good 5 moths now. Because my other work has kept me going I haven't looked much into my website since I set it up. I have just been looking into it and I cant find it on google search or any relevant search? I bought a SEO package from godaddy I believe  to get me on these searches, but I'm unable to sort this out, as I'm not the best at this type of stuff Is there any1 that can help?


    my website is www.airclimateservices.uk

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    Advocate VI


    I just searched on air climate services uk, and you list in position 8. So Google definitely has you in their system. If your goal is to rank higher, then there are a number of strategies.


    There are quite a few articles at the Garage about SEO. Start here: https://www.godaddy.com/garage/search/seo/

    Getting Started

    I can see google has indexed 4 pages of your website , you can try it "site:http://www.airclimateservices.uk/"

    Just by buying SEO package from GoDaddy will not do your work . Godaddy SEO package just submits your website to different search engine . Please  follow On-page SEO and off-page SEO for better performance