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GoCentral PHOTO GALLERY section modification

Most of the GoCentral Business pages on my website are pages to provide news from annual events. Annual events have a CONTENT and a PHOTO GALLERY section. I would be great for me, if there was a "display" option above the PHOTO GALLERY. With this option I would not need a CONTENT section for most annual events. This would be simpler and would take longer to reach the 20 sections allowed on a page.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: GoCentral PHOTO GALLERY section modification

Hey @Vintage1. Thanks for the feedback. I'm guessing you mean you'd like each image in a gallery to have its own content section? I'm not sure how many events you have but perhaps having a page for each one would also be something that would work for you. Either way, thanks for sharing your idea. 


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Re: GoCentral PHOTO GALLERY section modification

Our hockey club is 30 years old. The Founders Cup is a mini tournament to honour the first president:
Each year there is a write up (CONTENT) followed with photos of the event (PHOTO GALLERY).
If the PHOTO GALLERY had an option for text above the photos, It would eliminate the need for the CONTENT section.
If I continue to use two sections per year, I will reach the 20 section maximum for the page, I will have to start eliminating past events in the near future.