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GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

I have been a GoDaddy subscriber for ten years...have consistently complained about peoplenot able to listen to my voiceover help from tech or customer service...a month ago wrote this letter to the top three execs at GoDaddy--no response...any ideas as to how to get some positive action?



November 1, 2016

Dear Ms. Rechterman,

I’m a Voiceover Guy—for commercials, narrations, promos for radio and TV stations.
I worked with GoDaddy ten years ago to build a website and included audio demos
of my work for prospective clients.

Over the years I’ve had people tell me they couldn't hear my demos when they clicked on them.

I’ve called several times over the years asking what could be done about it. I’ve been assured that your tech folks would fit the problem. The last call was August 10, 2015. The advisor told me he had a team that would see the problem was fixed. I assumed it was.

I’ve had a few more calls recently from prospective clients saying they couldn't hear the demos. And I am about to ask tech support for help in uploading new demos I have just completed.

So I called and spoke with some of your tech people tonight, explained the history and the problem, spent half an hour while that rep consulted with her colleagues. She said th problem was that people responding had to have the latest version of FLASH on their iPhones, iPads or computers. Ten years after building the site I hear this.

She then offered the following:

I should investigate websites which could convert my MP3s so they could be used on my GoDaddy website.

Upgrade to Version 7 because Version 6—which I’ve had—does not support MP3s.

A three month extension of my contract with GoDaddy.

Completely unacceptable to me. I paid hundreds of dollars over the years assuming I was getting complete web hosting and assuming that my demos would play for clients who went to the site and clicked on the demos page.

Who knows how many of those years have passed and how many prospective clients have
simply not considered me for their job because they couldn't hear samples of what I’ve done.

I have not gotten what I have paid for. Regardless of the number of phone calls. Or the number of your tech reps I’ve spoken with. Again, I have assumed the problem has been fixed. I’ve stuck with GoDaddy all these years.

I believe you owe me.

I believe GoDaddy should upgrade my website to Version 7 and include my demos as MP3
at no cost to me.

And I believe GoDaddy should extend my agreement for at least two years at no cost to me.

I have believed GoDaddy’s commitment to make the world better, one domain at a time. I have believed your motto to hustle, adapt, listen and repeat. GoDaddy has failed to deliver on its commitment to me.

I believe Go Daddy is better than this. And I am counting on you to make it right.


Richard Klinger

Helper III
Helper III

Re: GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

I know I'm not one of the GoDaddy employees or moderators, which is probably your intended audience, but I've been here 5 years and you have my respect for being an experienced webmaster. 


To start off, when you find a better hosting company or solution that meets your specific needs pertaining to your demos, let us all know. We're talking about a very specific issue here that requires special attention.


If I ever had demos on my website, I would've built them into a Youtube / DailyMotion video, or a video platform to better engage my audience. That's what most top companies do today.


I would have to agree with the GoDaddy employee in recommending finding a 3rd party solution to put your demos on. I would've browsed the plugin directory for solutions, or explored other options depending on the CMS or web applications I was using for my website.


I personally don't have much experience with demos, but many applications exist for this sole purpose. I hope things work out for you.

Helper V

Re: GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

Apparently GoDaddy is not the problem. Flash is archaic. Personally, I did not like Flash because it was used for obnoxious advertisements. Flash can be very useful; the National Weather Service still uses it and their pages that use it cannot be used in many phones and tablets.


See The Only Way to Get Flash to Work on the iPhone. It is futile to remain loyal to Flash.

Helper V

Re: GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

I am sorry, @richatl, I forgot to mention you in my previous reply. See the previous post.

Helper V

Re: GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

Perhaps one possibility is to create a YouTube channel (membership) for videos. I know you only need to provide audio but if you can do it in a video then YouTube could work well. You can link to and/or embed the videos in your web site but I don't know the details of that. What I mean by "embed" is when we can watch a YouTube video from directly in a web site, I am sure you have seen that. People finding you in YouTube can then find your web site. If you get creative then I am sure you can find a way to use the video too.


Re: GoDaddy sucks top to bottom

Hey @richatl


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Based on what you've described in the letter, sounds like your site was receiving visitors who were trying to access your demos with an iOS device. Unfortunately, Apple has been known for some time to never support Flash players within their devices or mobile browsers. To work around this, many sites utilize other player methods of displaying video/audio files on their live site, most commonly through YouTube or a custom scripted HTML5 player that does not utilize Flash (similar to the suggestions made by @SamHobbs and @sethl).


I can understand the frustration this causes. Our developers continually work on new methods to provide player functions within our site builder applications that are widely supported on multiple platforms, but ultimately this specific situation with supporting Flash is one that only Apple would be able to address. 


Afraid I can't discuss you're requests for compensation here as an account specific request such as this is too sensitive for a public discussion board. Instead, you may want to reach out to our live support and request to speak with a supervisor to discuss your case.


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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