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IDEA: GoDaddy 2FA for phone numbers to protect privacy

Please add 2FA to any/all fields that require a user type in their phone number.


If we examine how very important email validation is one is left to wonder why modern tech companies do not also verify phone numbers?


Consider the benefits:

"Unsubscribe" for phone numbers
If a user wants their number removed from ANY account they can call into GoDaddy tech support and request a 1 time text message be sent to the number, if they confirm removal at that number then that number is removed from that account.


Implementation of this idea could be an innovation that GoDaddy will get industry recognition for, your shareholders will be pelased and the public will applaud you for wise decision making.


How it should work:

  1. All phone number input fields on GoDaddy will only have a DROP MENU selector, much like your payment profile select menu.
  2. When users sign up for an account they must also 2FA their main phone number field. Once doing so that phone number appears in the drop menu for anywhere else a phone number needs to be entered.
  3. If a user needs a new phone number, under profile->info a new area called "add phone number" is available where new numbers can be 2FA added.
  4. If a user changes a phone number they only need do so in 1 place, the main profile. Where again a 2FA text or call is confirmed. Once changed that phone number changes everywhere it was used since its a referance to a drop menu ID.


This is no more complicated than how we now do email validation. Similar challanges exist such as "spam folder = missed calls" or "email relay = phone routing" but they do not hold companies back from understanding how important a real email address is. 


Please then consider a validated phone number is just as important as a validated email address.