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Re: GoDaddy versus Microsoft

Hey guys! Does godaddy listens to their customers' voice?


I haven't seen any goaddy reps says anything...This sucks.


Going viral soon godaddy services sucks.

Helper III

I see there’s been an onslaught of new negative comments on this thread since my last post. It’s kind of cool seeing some of the more experienced members in this community give their replies. It just goes to show how many awesome members there are in the GoDaddy Community.


I’ll go ahead and clear everything up to this point in time to the best of my ability, as respectfully as possible. As much as what GoDaddy does for its customers and various donation charities such as the Semper Fi fund, it’s the least I can do.




First of all, what problems are you having? We can’t help you if we don’t know what they are.


As for the GoDaddy employee laughing at you, I’ve called up GoDaddy customer support probably over 100 times over the course of 5+ years, and I’ve never had any of them laugh at me in a condescending type of way. In the off chance they were laughing at you though, it’s likely because you came across as a complete beginner making random stuff up that had nothing to do with GoDaddy’s services.


Also, the fact that he went as far as “accepting the supervisor’s email” goes to show they do care. Next time when you post in the GoDaddy Community, at least post what issue you were having, so its onlookers can actually learn something.


Hi @richatlI see your profile is marked as skilled, so I’m assuming you’re somewhat experienced.


I believe that I’ve already replied to your issue a few months ago but how do you even let something slide for 10 full years without watching your traffic and sales conversions? Was it just a secondary project that didn’t hold very much significance to you? I serve in the Marine Corps and I still find time to make sure everything’s running properly on my sites.


It sounds to me your business strategy wasn’t an effective one, and / or you spread your work-load out too much.


Developers create software to better integrate & showcase things like MP3’s and audios with web hosting. I advise you to just do a quick Google search, and you’ll find plenty of add-on features for displaying MP3’s and audios on your website. Your problem is likely an easy fix.


It’s safe to say people like Blake Irving, Charles Robel, & Barb Rechterman probably have more important things to do concerning the corporate side of GoDaddy & the directions the company takes. If you give me access to your site through GoDaddy’s pro access area, I’d be happy to come up with a solution for you.


Hi @cyriljm,


The only substantial piece of info I got from your post was “My domain has become non-functional”. There could be a multitude of things that can cause that including not connecting it to a web hosting plan, not uploading files to it (including CMS’s like, a problem with your wp-config or :httaccess files, etc.


We need to know what you’re trying to accomplish and the specific issue you’re having so we can help you further.


Finally, I’ve never had GoDaddy customer support hang up on me. It’s safe to say if they did hang-up on you, it’s because the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, and they needed to help other customers.


Helping 20 loyal Godaddy customers seems a little smarter than having a 2 hour long pointless conversation with a disgruntled confused customer who doesn’t understand the concept of first figuring out how things work before going bat crazy & ranting to GoDaddy customer support.  




I like your complaint because yours is somewhat legit. I don’t know who you called when you brought up “cron job problems” for virtual private servers, but it’s safe to say calling anybody else up besides the “hosting peeps” isn’t going to solve your problem. You need to contact the shared hosting people or more ideally the server admin through the chat area.

As for your cron job issue, what server are you using? Shared hosting, virtual private server, or a dedicated one?

Other than that, we need to know what type of script you’re running and why you’re running it to help you much further. It’s probably an easy fix if the only thing they did was update their servers. Just update the cron job based on the framework update & the new API’s / programming code it uses.




They hacked you through the chat feature? Who were you chatting with when you got hacked? We need more info on what you were doing. If you can prove you got hacked you could probably tell your credit card provider, and they’ll try to block the transaction. Involving law enforcement is an option as well.


Once upon a time around 2 years ago, I had a client who got hacked. The private software company she bought her computer from had a keylogger on it by the owner, and her GoDaddy account and website got hacked. GoDaddy worked with her to regain access to her account with better security, and she eventually had the FBI knocking on the perpetrator’s door.


GoDaddy has a help article on this issue, but you have my sympathies over getting hacked. It always sucks getting hacked. I've had my share of experiences, mostly stemming from online multiplayer gaming. In the future, make sure your security software is up-to-date and you’re practicing methods of keeping yourself safer from online hackers.



I’ve given this advice multiple times already in this 1 thread, but who did you call up for your (advanced) VPS issues? You need to call shared hosting or server admin for support. Not people who simply give business advice, etc. There’s a reason why they have different departments to choose from.

It generally takes around 30 minutes to get a hold of server admin through chat on your VPS dashboard. While you’re waiting, you can easily do something else. As for phone calls with say the shared hosting department, that usually takes less than 5 minutes, unless it’s during the weekends or holidays.

Common sense my friend. If you want help from one of the fine folk from the GoDaddy Community, we need to know the specific problem you’re having.



I’ve been with GoDaddy for 5+ years. For starters, I’m grateful they even have a technical support staff (currently thinking of certain small hosting providers), & more importantly I can tell you GoDaddy has some brilliant people working for them.

As for page loading, your website is probably slow due to bad plugins or themes you’ve uploaded. The only way it’s on GoDaddy’s end is if you’ve used up almost the max resources you’ve been allotted on your shared hosting plan (which probably isn’t the case here), in which case they’ll take proactive measures to better deal with, or you have a malware issue.



You said it for all to see. “I do sometimes forget about things so I just needed a reminder.” Also, you had a full 30 days to cancel your product, which is more than enough time to do so, as @justingodfrey also pointed out.

It’s apparent you didn’t care very much to begin with, because I would’ve been all over that, especially with all the other products I already had on GoDaddy.

Next time, pay closer attention to what you have on auto-renewal, and what services you have active on your GoDaddy account. I’m sure you can find use for that email service until it expires.



@Retired gave you some great advice but I’d like to add that sometimes stems from a GoDaddy update. I’ve had FTP access problems myself in the past, or it’d log me out. Generally that’s fixed after a week at the most. Idk about you, but I’d rather be with a company that updates their platform on a regular basis, than one that doesn’t.

You have more responsibility as a server admin on a virtual private server. There’s a reason why shared hosting plans exist. You can get a hold of server admin or try using a 3rd party service like FileZilla.




Which servers are you talking about? If you’re using shared hosting, there will be certain times it’ll be faster, and certain times it’ll be slower. The reason is because you’re on the same servers as other webmasters. They’ll almost always be fast, but over holidays and really busy days with spikes of traffic, they’re naturally going to be a little slow.


Then as @Retired pointed out, it could be due to bad plugins / themes or problems on your end (that also affects everything else). Next time, please let everyone know the specific issues you’re having, so people can actually learn from your situation. You’re not helping anybody by posting nothing but a rant.




I had to read what you posted like 5x because either English isn’t your native tongue or you need to learn how to type.


The only way a domain costs $48 is if you bought one of those newer fancier domain endings that charge more $. I always buy .com domains because they’ve been known to rank the highest in past years and create better branding for your company.


The exception is something purely educational based, a website about you, or something else that doesn’t involve lots of company branding and possibly advertising.


As for waiting 72 hours, you must’ve misunderstood what the GoDaddy employee told you, because that’s often the duration period you have after you buy your domain to get a refund. Here’s a legal agreement list of refunds with Godaddy.




If your website’s been hacked or uploaded with malware, it’s on you to fix the problems with it, and scan over your FTP files for any possible changes. . . Including your wp-config and :httaccess files. Added .exe commands are the 1st things you need to look for. Also, you can always (temporary) use 3rd party providers for emailing.


You get what you pay for when using shared hosting and those are just safeguards to ensure other people don’t get affected from your side of things. I’m sure you would expect the same if someone else had malware problems or issues with their website.


@SunilValMIND, @terrahue_ws, & @kevs


Was it the weekend or a holiday when you called them up? I’ve called up GoDaddy customer support over 100 times for the past 5 years, and they almost always pick up instantly to within 5 minutes. The exception is server chat support, which often took around 30 minutes during the time I had a VPS.




You have a legitimate complaint, but from what I’ve seen, GoDaddy does a lot to work with international customers. Here’s a long list of numbers you can get a hold of depending on where you live: GoDaddy Global Support


It’s possible you had a focused problem, especially since you went as far as posting it in the GoDaddy Community, but let us know what specific issues you’re having so we can help you further.


As for the network violation issue, that’s a scam. Just read about it on Google. Here’s a good post about it in the GoDaddy Community: Solved: Domain email I received (IS THIS A SCAM?) - GoDaddy Community




GoDaddy has lots of different ways you can contact them including over the phone, chat, GoDaddy Community, and so on. Their customer support is among the best.



You have my respects for being involved with the online community for 12+ years. It sounds to me though you never upgraded your VPS during that time frame and caused unique problems for the GoDaddy staff. I strongly recommend calling up customer support to fully resolve your issue.


Managing your own virtual private server comes with its responsibilities. You have a very intriguing issue. Keep me updated with your case.




Have you tried calling GoDaddy customer support? They have a long list of ways to contact them based on where you live. They have other features like the GoDaddy Community and chat features as well. I can guarantee you that if you try hard enough you’ll find that they have good customer support.


Finally, we need to know what problems you’re having with your server so we can try lending a hand. I would’ve been able to do so if you posted your specific problem.




How are you using those 3 domains and what type of files are you uploading in their root folders? Also, make sure you’re contacting the shared hosting department, because they’re the ones who deal with these specific issues.


Next time, let us know what problems you’re having so other experienced members in the GoDaddy Community can actually help you out. Otherwise, I could try fixing the problem myself through the GoDaddy pro feature.


I would say make sure your domains are properly connected to your hosting account and check for any problems with the CMS’s you’re using such as problematic plugins or themes you’ve uploaded.




I don’t use their emailing service so I can’t answer based on personal experience. However, here are 3 articles I recommend reading

  1. Get Started
  2. Outlook: Set up email
  3. Upgrade my email FAQ




Do you have proof of this? Honestly, I find that hard to believe because what likely happened is you just messed up, and accidentally deleted the domains yourself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have waited 5 days to let somebody else buy the domains.


If you knew about the failed transaction, you would’ve bought the domain name immediately after that. GoDaddy has a help article on redemption periods and what to do if you forget to renew your domain or accidentally cancel it. 


It is unfortunate someone else bought your domain that quickly, but yes, the only thing you can do is contact the new owners. The other option is to buy a different domain name.




It sounds like you’re trying to come up with any negative comment you can because of GoDaddy cancelling your website.


I’m not going to go down the line and reply to everything you said, but I will say GoDaddy customer support answers their phone calls usually almost immediately to up to 5 minutes, except on busy weekends or holidays, as I’ve mentioned numerous times already.


Next, if you owned a hosting business, would you call all of your customers up every day? GoDaddy has millions of customers on an internationally recognized level. It boils down to the responsibility of the customer.


If you decide to change hosting providers, I wish you the best of luck. I’m sure you’ll start realizing pretty quickly all the things GoDaddy did for you over the years that you took for granted.




Sorry to hear you’re in a country that doesn’t have a phone-line. I recommend you keep trying to contact them through their chat area. Make sure you do so during hours they’re available.


Next time you make a post in the GoDaddy Community, let us know what your problem is, so we can try to help you out as well. Lots of people in here would be happy to help you out, even though we’re doing it on our own free time.




Aside from you calling the wrong department for your issue, there’s probably a good reason why they’ve enabled what they’ve enabled for the cron manager. Your link shows how they removed that feature for PHP 5.4.0. Hmm. . .


If you want more flexibility, get your own VPS. Otherwise, you can abide by what the server admin implement on their shared hosting platforms. I recommend bookmarking this article on creating your own cron jobs.




We can’t help you if we don’t know what your issue is.




Sorry to hear you’re having international issues. It seems you’re not the only one & you have a legitimate complaint there. However, it’s hard for any company to be perfect communicative wise on a global level. It’s still possible to get a hold of their customer support staff even if you do have to wait a little bit.


However, you’ll find an abundance of help articles to answer your questions as well as a lot of help and expert advice in the GoDaddy Community. As @JHasselbring also pointed out, the chat area was live when you posted.


As for your hosting getting suspended, what’s going on here? Do you have a malware issue? If you recently bought your hosting, you could try getting a refund on it, then buy another hosting account. Be wary of what plugins and themes you’re using, especially free themes on the internet, because some sites will upload malware onto your websites through .exe commands without you knowing.


Let me know if I can help you any further. Good luck.


@ButIDontWant2 & @fchurch497,


Although you gave us no specifics, the reason your website is crashing is likely due to problematic plugins or themes you’ve uploaded. It probably stems from a bad API or server link. I’ve had this issue happen to me in the past once a few years ago. Try deleting each of your plugins 1 at a time from your website, and I can almost guarantee that’ll stop once you remove the right one.


Otherwise, it could be a temporary cPanel (or some other) update on GoDaddy’s end or they’re dealing with a problem (highly unusual) and it’ll stop soon. You get what you pay for with shared hosting. You can’t really complain, especially with everything you’re getting to begin with.


I use shared hosting and I rarely have any issues.




First of all, there is no deal that’s equivalent to 12 British Pounds. There is a deal with the GoDaddy Website Builder (now called GoCentral I believe) that’s $12.00 per year with a free domain though. If that’s what you’re talking about, you have 3 options:

  1. Fix it yourself
  2. Pay GoDaddy to fix it
  3. Allow someone like me to fix it through the GoDaddy Pro Access feature

Good luck buddy.




I'm thinking that was the purpose of GoDaddy’s online storage. Try deleting it on GoDaddy’s end instead of on your host computer. Otherwise, you could try exploring alternate options.




It’s very easy to cancel domains: Cancel my domain



Seems like the best way to that is just report your card as lost and apply for a new one. It will have a different number and Godaddy can't charge it. Personally I don't like Godaddy all that well even though I've been a customer for years, but have you seen the others out there? Far worse!

Yet people will always still nit-pick at the finer services & find something to complain about.


Hi @lois0419,


What type of website were you trying to upload them too and what were the specs on those photos? Keep in mind the chat is more of a secondary way of communicating with GoDaddy. Calling up their hosting department is probably a bit wiser.


If you're trying to upload photos to your Website Builder, you can do so remotely. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them in the GoDaddy Community.

Hello Go Daddy,

I am writing to you today requesting a response, requesting your consideration to help remedy a problem that has cost us many hours of time and frustration, that was initiated by your people.


Last December, I got a call in December to renew or SSL certificates 1-2 months early, this was after we bought the office 365 for seven several hundred dollars and frankly we are still having problems with that system despite the many calls I've had your people about it.


In January, before 30 days had passed since renewing SSL, and SiteLock, we called about a PHP problem.  We called godaddy and at that time your technical support person highly recommended to us that we buy into a C-Panel system.  This was done because one of our plug-ins required a newer version of PHP that is not currently supported by our godaddy server.  This was a huge mistake and waste of many hours of time spent by 3 different people on this end.  After speaking with 3-4 godaddy people trying to figure out whey this C-panel thing was NOT working, we learned the the C-Panel was in no way going to work and was the WRONG thing for us.  and that we "should have Managed-Word-Press".  At that time, now AFTER 31 days had passed since buying the SSL renewal, we were told, " this is not the right system for you and you should really use managed WordPress"!


We are a very trim, company and do not make much money.  (I carry only 1 employees, an administrator.  Everyone else that works with me does so on a project basis, so there is no large company here with deep pockets.  My company is considered an sole proprietorship - a 1-woman company.)  So, we tried to figure out how to do that affordably and upon my own analysis, I realized that we could buy two managed word press subscriptions at the discounted rate at that time, January to cover our 3 sites, BUT it would only make sense if we could get credit back for the SSL and Sitelock that would not be needed, since they are covered in the Managed Word Press.  At that time, it was one day past 30 days from the time I purchased the SSL and Sitelock renewal and was told, "Oh Sorry you are one day past the deadline of being able to get any kind of money back on those". 


If we were told about the managed WordPress from the very beginning we could've avoided what is now a problem with trying to get a refund on that SSL renewal, and the start of two deluxe package managed WordPress subscriptions. Given that I am a student, my husband, John, tried to help and spoke with a sales person and a second sales person to trying to explain why this was very reasonable move to do and would just bring more business to go daddy in the tune of a couple hundred dollars more revenue. But they appeared to be trained in listening only and had no ability to influence the situation.


In the past, this sort of thing could have been resolved over the phone to the benefit of more business for you.  But we had to wait to hear back.  After 72 hours had passed, we called only to hear that our request was declined!  I am now writing to respectfully ask that you reconsider.  The only reason I am even attempting to reach out to you with this additional request is that I have been a faithful Godaddy customer for more than a decade and loved the service you provided but I recently become very disenchanted and wondering if you have any interest in gaining my loyalty back. 


I have previously provided a spreadsheet of my analysis of the costs that I was looking to get refunded and the net additional money I would be spending.  I hope that my letter to you will stimulate response that might help us find a mutually beneficial solution. As of today, our site is lagging in speed, and we cannot update our plugins due to the php issue. This will only become more difficult as we go forward from here. I would like to not have to shop around for another service provider but if necessary I will do so. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or wish to discuss this issue. My cell number is 925–413-9373.


It sounds like you’re trying to come up with any negative comment you can because of GoDaddy cancelling your website.

You are entitled to your inaccurate interpretation.

I’m not going to go down the line and reply to everything you said, but I will say GoDaddy customer support answers their phone calls usually almost immediately to up to 5 minutes, except on busy weekends or holidays, as I’ve mentioned numerous times already.

 Mentioning it numerous times does not make it true.

Next, if you owned a hosting business, would you call all of your customers up every day? GoDaddy has millions of customers on an internationally recognized level. It boils down to the responsibility of the customer.

Apparently GoDaddy thought it was worthwhile, at least in the past. Maybe it was not cost-effective. Or maybe management has changed and the customer's experience is not a high priority anymore.

If you decide to change hosting providers, I wish you the best of luck. I’m sure you’ll start realizing pretty quickly all the things GoDaddy did for you over the years that you took for granted.

 And I wish you the best of luck also. You might find that despite your valiant role as GoDaddy's defender on this forum, you too will experience many of the problems others document here. 


Mark D Worthen PsyD
Clinical-Forensic Psychology

are you kidding me? after weeks of no response no solution you post a series of questions?


this unprofessional ping-it-back-to-the-client is proof that godaddy is a piece of **bleep**.


how about looking at my account? ... that will tell you what servers we have, etc... hell, its your F*&$%^ computers.


how about reading the chat logs (everything was done via chat)? how about reading the tickets that were opened in this case?


THE CRONS THAT HAVE WORKED FOR YEARS STOPPED WORKING WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED JAN-1. the crons jobs are still there. the code is still there. we have touched nothing.


so, like all all of the replies to everybody's problems, throw it back to the clients (that have paid) for info you have in the hope that we go away (which of course we will after you have in essence stolen money) because you have NO INTENT to solve anything.


it is beyond the capacity of godaddy to fix the problem and then post "we fixed it. try it now." no its a series of nonsensical back and forth cycles that go nowhere like this response which is identical to  our chats and emails to godaddy "support" 

Hi again @msanchez78,


Before we begin, I'm not a GoDaddy employee. I'm just a loyal GoDaddy customer with 5+ years of experience. I came on this thread of my own volition.


I would like to point out though that you and @lshonroy have legitimate (advanced technical) issues that need to be resolved. I've already called up lshonroy since she provided her cell-phone # (which I recommend eventually removing). Most of the other complaints consisted of people not knowing what to do over trivial issues. With you, I'll give you my utmost attention.


First of all, I took the liberty of calling up GoDaddy customer support 3:00 P.M. Saturday (one of their busier days), and one of their hosting pro specialists picked up within 1 minute. I spoke with a guy named Jason.


He told me these are the 3 common causes of Cron Jobs becoming disabled:


  1. You disabled them without knowing
  2. Updates on your website application negatively affected certain file paths tied to your Cron Job
  3. Migration to a different server (in which notifications by GoDaddy staff would be sent to you)

Then administrators alert all of the GoDaddy personnel of issues that affect a large scale amount of customers, which is not made public (since that would be unnecessary anyway) but is internal for all of the GoDaddy personnel. If you called up a GoDaddy hosting specialist, they'd check the notes on your server, and probably ask you a series of questions including any migration and updates you've made to your website(s).


Other than that, they can't really help you much further without actually creating the Cron Jobs for you. You need to figure it out yourself or hire somebody to do it for you. You'll find plenty of guides on the net including CronHowto & Linux Cron Guide. You can learn about what cron jobs are & how to create them within the GoDaddy Community as well.


If you tell us what type of Cron Jobs you created, the programming code for it, and the type of website application / plugins / theme you're using with it. . . I'm sure there's somebody in the GoDaddy Community who can figure something out for you.




I gave you a call last night about your issue with MailPoet and the Membership Pro plugins working together in conjunction with each other. . . along with checking out GoDaddy's Deluxe shared hosting plan.


This millionaire guy I learned under a while back ago said their Wordpress hosted packages are really fast speed wise, but the shared hosting plans are fast enough in my opinion, but offer you the fullest flexibility on managing your websites. 


Then instead of only being able to host 1 - 5 websites (for anywhere from $3.99 to $13.99 a month), you can upload an unlimited amount of domains and website applications for just $4.99 a month with their Deluxe Package. The only time you'd need the Ultimate package is if you're business is growing, your membership site is getting big, or you have a lot of daily traffic.

Then Virtual Private Servers allow you to do more, largely in the case of having access to 3 dedicated I.P.'s (which are important if you're managing multiple complex applications that require its own I.P.) but even I'm not using that at the moment.


I used it once thinking I needed it for the sub-domain multi-site I manage, but realized I could put that as the primary domain on a Deluxe shared hosting package, and be fine, since I only needed 1 dedicated I.P. (every shared hosting plan has 1 dedicated I.P. as opposed to 3 like VPS's do). Maybe later though. I know some people in this Community that uses VPS's though, particularly in the case of cloning websites.


If you decide to ask anymore questions, I'd appreciate it if you didn't make more rants about how bad GoDaddy customer support is (etc.) because that's simply false. It's a matter of getting hold of the right people with your specific issue, appropriate research, and making responsible decisions.


Let us know if you have anymore questions and best of luck to the both of you on figuring out what to do.

@sethl , you've completely missed the most important point that I was trying to make, just as Godaddy support personnel doesn't seem to quite grasp.  I know as a customer it is my responsibility to clean up a hacked website, that is not the issue!  But when Godaddy shuts down the php mailing functionality because they know the site has been hacked, WHY DO THEY NOT CONTACT THE CUSTOMER THAT THIS ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN??