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The Evolution of Education By Entertainment Programs

Frequently when I am at a business networking event I am asked when did you start your business.  People are often surprised when I respond that I trace the origins of my Education by Entertainment programs back to the 1970s!!!  That would be over 40 years!!!  I trace my career development consulting back to the time I started to talk.  Other programming and consulting came along later.

Education By Entertainment Programs

When I was teaching Introduction to Psychology at Ohio State University I developed, documented, shared and used numerous classroom demonstrations that were educational and fun.  Ultimately, I combined many of these demonstrations into hour to day long programs, added new activities, began presenting these for:

  • A: Academics (elementary, middle & high schools, community colleges, colleges, universities)
  • B: Businesses & Birthdays
  • C: Celebrations, Conferences and Conventions

Our newest celebration was a 10th high school reunion. 


All of our programs are educational and fun!!!  They are designed to help people become safer, more productive and better communicators.  The following photo shows one word feedback from our 2017 programs.  The primary descriptor our attendees use is FUN (which led to my purchasing the FunFunFun.Fun and BDAY.Fun URLs.)  It also shows highlight photos from several of our 2017 programs.

Education by Entertainment 2017 Highlights.jpg


Currently the URLs we have purchased from GoDaddy include:

  • FunFunFun.Fun (same content as EducationByEntertainment)
  • SuggestionsForBirthdays.Com
  • Bday.Fun (same content as SuggestionsForBirthdays.Com)
  • Dr.RonShapiro.Com

Career Consulting

My career consulting may be traced back to the time I was learning to talk.  My parents owned an employment agency names Peoples Placement Bureau.   I enjoyed picking up my toy telephone and saying Peoples Placement Bureau.  Additionally, I enjoyed going to the office and bringing applications to job applicants.   Years later I managed technical people, hired people, managed career services for a major corporation, etc. 


Your Journey

Please tell us about your journey.


Re: The Evolution of Education By Entertainment Programs

January 2019 Update

As I look back at 2018 and forward to 2019 our business and programs have evolved slightly.  Our 2018 one word feedback from our clients is remarkably similar to our 2017 feedback as shown by comparing the word cloud in the photo below with the one in my June 2018 posting which is great. We tried a new expo style format rather than a lecture style format for some programs which worked out very well.image.png

This year we are offering our programs in some new venues including a trampoline park and an escape room (in addition to our customary venues of businesses, conference centers, schools,etc.).  We also offered a program to support a fundraiser celebrating the memory of a child who died from cancer and we have offered program at a trampoline park in early January.