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    Accessing Wordpress Files on a Managed Wordpress Site

    Is it possible to access my wordpress file folders on a site that Godaddy is managing for me? I know I have assess to edit current template files and css style sheets through "editor" but my current theme is not compatible with a plugin and I need to add a .php template rather than modify an existing one. 

    Getting Started

    Please disregard above. After searching I found the sFTP instruction and accomplished the task via Filezilla.




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    Getting Started

    Please disregard above. After searching I found the sFTP instruction and accomplished the task via Filezilla.




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    i connected using the sftp

    but i couldnt find the wordpress source files

    i have Managed WordPress Basic

    i want to be able to upload media files directly to the ftp 

    Was there ever a solution to this? I am in the same position. When I access the site via FTP, I am denied access to the root directory. I need to modify one of my theme files...


    Let me know how I can accomplish this.

    When you login to Filezilla with the SFTP username and password where are the main wordpress folders, like wp-content?   I cannot find them.  The "home" folder has 9 million empty folders with names like "hfeuw7fch8l" for example, and this is a new install.  Also, please let me know what is the purpose of all those empty folders?  Curious to know when they would need to be accessed by the program? 


    Tim Slazyk

    Fine. But How?!
    Please take a minute and spell it out for us dummies.

    1. Perform a Google Search for FileZilla. Download and install the FileZilla Client program on your home computer. (its free)

    2. Once successfully installed on your computer, Open FileZilla.

    At the top  of the FileZilla window, you will see:





    Under these you will see a file tree of your home computer labeled "local site" and a blank right side labeled "remote site".

    Leave this program open and go to your web browser. 

    3. Go to your Go Daddy account page and navigate to your Managed WordPress Page for the site you want to access. On the right lower corner of the page, you will see the "Settings" box with "Production" highlighted. In that box is the WordPress Version, and just under that  you will see "SFTP user" with a strange number/letter combination and a green "view". Click on "view." 

    4. A window will pop up that provides you with Host Name, Port, SFTP User Name, and Password as asterisks. Click on "show and edit" to see the assigned password. You do not need to change it. 

    5. Now copy and past the corresponding Host Name, SFTP User Name, Password, and Port settings from GoDaddy to the corresponding spaces in the FileZilla Window on your computer. 

    6. Click "Quick Connect" in FileZilla and if the information was copied correctly, you will see a directory tree appear on the right side of the FileZilla window that contains all the files on your WordPress Site. 


    A note of caution. If you are not familiar with manipulating core files in WordPress, be very careful with any changes in this location, as you can very easily crash your WordPress Site. Make sure you have a good back up of your site prior to changing files via SFTP! 


    YouTube can provide you with detailed instruction on uploading and downloading files using FileZilla if you need that instruction. 


    Hope this helps. 




    Thanks Brad, will try today. Great instructions!