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    SFTP Not working on any FTP/SFTP programs

    For my managed WordPress I'm trying to connect to the SFTP, but every program I tried has been rejecting it. I tried Cyberduck, Fillzilla and Winscp but none seem to work. 


    I have completely turned off firewalls just in case if they were the culprit behind this issue. It is extremely frustrating. I don't get it, I have put the required credentials and everything for SFTP, I know it is correct so what is going on?

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    Resolver V
    Resolver V

    Re: SFTP Not working on any FTP/SFTP programs

    @kunalz Are you getting any sort of error message?? Make sure you have it set to SFTP / port 22 - Cyberduck for example defaults to FTP and you need to change to SFTP

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