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    Wordpress Sites Taking Too Long to Load Error

    Hi, I have seen others that have had a similar issue but they do not appear to be getting resolved so hopefully someone can talk me through to a solution. As of last week I am unable to load up the three sites that I have hosted on GoDaddy. I recieve the following message from them all "The server at emmettplastering.co.uk is taking too long to respond" - When I use anyother network they all load fine. On the odd occassion I am able to access them for around an hour and then run into the same problem. Have called BT but they were scratching their heads! Completed all the recommended advice including turning off security, flushing DNS, changing IP etc.

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    Re: Wordpress Sites Taking Too Long to Load Error

    I'm having the exact same issues with www.lowerhousecc.com constantly. It's annoying as my users are contacting me and I can access the site fine. It is certain ISPs from what I can muster, BT and Vodafone being some of them.


    So annoying as GoDaddy are just shrugging it off like its not their problem.


    Re: Wordpress Sites Taking Too Long to Load Error

    After speaking with a tech guy at work, he told me to turn the router off for 12hrs so a new IP address or DNS (not sure what he said and I’m not very technical!!) would be allocated.

    Pleased to say all is working fine now so would recommend doing this.