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A Record Help - Crazy Client Setup with Crappy Hosting Company

Hey Everyone - 


So we have a client... well, they're a nightmare client, and they bought their domain once it became available through one of those cut-rate hosting companies called Champ Domains.  There is 0 customer support through them and cannot get the password needed to transfer the domain to GoDaddy.


For some reason, they have A Records setup for their current site we're rebuilding.  (see below)  I've never seen A Records setup like this (3 of them) all pointing to static IPs.


I'm trying to use this domain on Unbounce for the landing pages that we're building, which requires me to update both the A record and create a CNAME pointing to Unbounce.  When I try to create a CNAME for the www it says that it's already in use (shown here as an A Record).  


What's my best plan of attack here?  Delete the www A Record and recreate as a CNAME?  Also, the fields available in this crappy hosting site aren't the same as GoDaddy.






There's nothing that needs to be preserved with regards to the current URL/site - we just need to move it to the Unbounce Landing Page while we're working on things.  Thanks SO MUCH for your help!


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Hi @mattdollinger,


Intriguing, hmmmmm

Can't see the pics you posted yet ( a delay somewhere). Could you possible just give me the domain name? I will look into it thanks.

Sure Ramm - Don't know why you can't see the photos.  I couldn't see them until I logged in to GD as well. 


Regardless, the domain is


Looking forward to your findings!


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Hi @mattdollinger,


I still can't see any screenshots you uploaded and obviously champ domains want a login pass.....

They have a 'contact' option and I would use it. I found a rats nest to be honest, and it would take me a weekend to work through it. Charge your client accordingly.................

I come across this problem often by folk trying to save a few dollars now, to pay back their new developer later...................... don't be sucked in. I'm not..........sorry!