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A domain was removed from my account

I received an email stating domain registrant for one of the domains on my account has been changed. No other explanation. Same day the domain disappears from my account with no further explanation.

Support (chat) hasn't given any reasonable explanation.

Now, I don't care about that domain. I suppose my ex-client contacted Godaddy asking to transfer the domain to their account, or something. What I am very much concerned about is how Godaddy proceeds in this case. Just transfer a domain from my account to whoever requested it, without actually asking me as the owner? So, following this logic, any of the domains I have on my account, can be transferred away any time to whoever requests it?

Another curious fact: couple of hours after I received those email notifications I get an SMS with a login PIN (2-factor authentication), I didn't attempt to log in in that moment! So it was either someone else (guessed my extremely complex password? doubt) or someone from Godaddy? Support unable to give any information in regard.

Question: is this procedure considered normal at Godaddy?

So I can pick anyone's domain, claim it as mine and Godaddy will gladly transfer it to my account?

Community Team
Community Team

The only way to transfer a domain out of an account is to have access to the originating account, or to be listed as the legal registrant of the domain on the public Whois database.  

We can't provide any specific details about what happened through a community forum post, but if you contact our live support teams they will be able to give you more information and let you know what options are available to you.  Thanks.