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Attempted to Link Minecraft Server to Domain and something unexpected happened instead

So I am currently creating a Minecraft server and so I followed some instructions online on how to link it to my domain I purchased here on GoDaddy. I followed the procedures and nothing happened. I waited awhile to see if it just had to register or something but nothing happened. Then I tried to come back to my website but it linked me to the host I use saying: "This server is hosted by <host>". So I know that it linked but I still could not join. But now my website is inaccessible because it just links me to my host. I then removed the A Record causing that to happen but the error still persists. 


I am not sure if this is because there is already a webpage when I type my server's numeric IP in my URL bar. Any help is appreciated.


The link is by the way. (Not sure if this is considered advertisement. If it is, please let me know so I can remove it).



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Hi @RedMonkay,


Seems to be up ok but please don't ask me how to configure it all....... beyond my pay bracket here...


And advertising? Why not, we all know some who do an awful lot of that here, but who provides the content??