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Can't delete forwarder because domain is "not eligible"


Never mind: I got it to work.

Community Manager

Hey @hsj,

Really glad to hear that you got it to work! If you get a minute, it would be super helpful for you to share what you did. I'm sure there are other GoDaddy customers who would really appreciate hearing about how you did it. Thanks much!


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How did you end up getting it to work? I'm running into the same problem.

how did you get this to work? I am running into the same issue. 


Same issue here! How did you do?

@kaitlinld @dwilson76 @Farid


Hi Folks!


Thank you for participating in our community! This error usually pops up if you're trying to remove the forward immediately after adding it or if another DNS change has been recently made to the domain that has not taken effect yet. If you give it some time and the error persists, then something isn't right. Reach out to our support team when you can.


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