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Can't seem to work with DNS for Hosted Domain

I've got three domains and one hosted website, which is leveraging a different domain name than the other three.  I don't use it anymore that often - it was a blog for a three month trip I took to China.  But I do like to forward the site to folks from time to time.  The site, however, is not currently reachable.  When I look at the details for my site, it claims to be "up and running".  But when I click "manage" under DNS details it only takes me to a list of the three domains that I own and gives me no control of my hosted site.  What am I missing?






Hey @Mongo,


You mentioned the domain you're hosting is not registered here. Have you checked to make sure the domain is pointed to hosting nameservers


Perhaps if you provided the domain name you're trying to manage DNS for, another member familiar with this issue might be better able to suggest a solution. 


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SMH.  Me being stupid.  It was a GoDaddy domain.  The hosting service used my domain name as the same for the service, which was a bit confusing and led me to believe I still owned the namespace.  Apparently, I had renewed the service, but not the domain.  Thankfully, my name was still available and I purchased it again.  All is well.  Thanks for taking the time to reply.