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Continue to Cart button not working when trying to buy a new domain

I noticed this earlier in the week but didn't report it but the Continue to Cart button is not functioning when trying to buy a new domain. It's the button on the screen promoting free business email for a month, when you click the button nothing happens. 

It would be easier to report if GoDaddy had a customer service or technical problem email as I never call customer services unless I really, really have to.

GoDaddy could be losing a lot of business through this as I'm considering going elsewhere to buy a domain then just transfer it. I'm amazed no one checked it when setting the new page up.

Community Manager

Hi @dmg6839,

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I've passed on your information to our product teams and they're looking into it. Take care!


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unable to purchase

The problem still not solved at 11/27/2016

Hi, I am trying to purchase your web hosting service and a free domain. The cart page comes up as a dead page with absolutely nothing there. Tried multiple ways to access. If this really is happening with a lot of customers its a disaster for your business frankly. I would be interested for you to help me resolve this as we may use you for our e-commerce business web hosting in the future. Else I will have to go with someone else.


Many thanks

I have same issue. I added the domain to the cart but did not show-up in the final invoice. I am trying to follow-up with the technical support,I am still waiting for response from couple of hours and did not hear back. Hoping that they will fix the issue and call me back