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Cyrillic characters

I tried to add title and description for my subdomain in Cyrillic characters and got a message: "Invalid character error"

I had a long chat with the support but he could not help and said Cyrillic characters are not supported.

Title and description must be in the subdomain setup, othewise Google will not see it.

Google reads cyrillic characters and I need the title and description to be in cyrillic characters in order to be found by surfers who search exactly the keywords in the website title.


Community Manager

Hi, @alinavo. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


It's hard to say exactly what's happening in your situation. I suggest adding additional details about what you're experiencing, like where you're trying to make this change. If you can provide that information, it may help others respond with suggested solutions. If you're able to get this figured out, please follow up here so others can benefit from your experience!


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