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DNS Management Issues

Hello Guys,

  1. I just procured and setup a new Linux VPS and pointed one of my Godaddy registered domains to it
  2. I then proceeded to setup the mail client on Outlook 2016. 
  3. However, I find that whereas I am able to login to the pop server and the incoming test executes successfully, the outgoing simply does nothing
  4. When I attempt to send an email from Outlook, the mail goes nowhere and simply remains in the Outbox.
  5. In conclusion, I am able to receive emails but unable to send emails

Kindly advise. Thanks

Helper VI

Hello @vanfrank


Why are you sure that it is a DNS problem and not just a misconfiguration in the Outlook client? 🙂

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I have other email accounts setup on the same outlook client, which are working perfectly. Moreover, I have one other domain, which was registered on Godaddy but pointed to a VPS outside Godaddy and and it works. This is actually my first attempt with setting up a VPS on Godaddy so my thinking is that I have missed out something while setting up the DNS records; e.g. I have not been able to point the NS records to the VPS; they keep reflecting the default Godaddy NS