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DNS self-modified?

Yesterday at about 15:00 AEST I got an email advising me that two of my domains/websites (let's call them domains A & B) changed their own DNS Nameservers without my authority and the offline site coming back online minutes after,


Note: Site A went offline at 5.19 AM AEST and came back online at 7.50 AM AEST 


Is this normal ?


Old value on both domains are:


New values on both are


Note again: I did make some modification to DNS A on another domain that is not listed above, to Domain C. So I do not think this is part of it, it seems there was a WordPress update as well at the same time. Anyway.


Can someone fill me in please. Should I be worried.


Can anyone coonfirm they had the same thing happen to them?

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Re: DNS self-modified?

The second set is usually associated with accounts that have Premium DNS, if you've added this it's features are available on all domains in your account.


Re: DNS self-modified?

Thanks mate