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Domains for Separate Businesses: Best Practices?

I have 2 businesses. Each has a few domain names variants.


I read that it is best not to intermingle personal and inter-business activities & assets, to separate the any potential liabilities and to ease asset separation if a business is sold.


So far, I have been registering all domains under my name, but I would like a better separation.

What would you recommend to achieve this? My thoughts are:
- Separate GoDaddy Accounts (one for each business) vs. Single one?
- It's nice to see all of my domains in one area, and I am worried that multiple GoDaddy accounts may be more difficult to keep track of and would lead to problems with renewals if one of the cards expires.
- Is using different credit cards, one for each business sufficient?

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Great topic @ayayayay, thanks for bringing this up.


I register all of my domains through my company and treat them as company assets or sometimes liabilities. I tend to purchase domains associated with my business for as long a term as possible and advise that others do as well. I advise any client I work with to purchase any associated business materials through their business account and or company name. Be aware that domain registration data is often public so you want to have that be tied to your business name. GoDaddy lets you choose from registration information you have associated with your account when you register a domain. I find it best to start off registered properly as there is some leed time before changes can be made.


As for personal domains that I have they are registered differently depending on their use. I have not found the need to create separate GoDaddy accounts for personal domains, customer domains, family domains... I find that the GoDaddy billing process is robust enough to accommodate this kind of billing? I would just make sure that the billing in my GoDaddy account for each domain, hosting or whatever is the proper associated card. GoDaddy also lets you run pretty robust billing reports per item and I find those helpful but I think separate accounts is overkill?

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