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Forwarding secure (https) non-www to www domain

I've run into a little hitch setting up domain forwarding. I'm trying to get all my traffic to be on the "www" subdomain and on "https" (secure) protocol. To accomplish that, I've got GoDaddy forwarding on the domain set up to forward to


When I visit, I'm successfully forwarded to

But when I visit, Chrome says the server "refused to connect"


Where should I start trying to troubleshoot this? How can I tell if GoDaddy is forwarding and the issue is my server? How can I tell if GoDaddy forwarding isn't even happening?


Any insight would be much appreciated!

Helper VI

Hello @extracredit


The "refused to connect" it seems to be quite spread.


Have you try a different browser?


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I also encounter the same issues. Did you find a solution?


I'm having this same problem.


All successfully connect


returns an error: curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Operation timed out

Was this problem solved? I am having the same issue