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Godaddy contact email or live chat info

Hi Everyone


I am trying to get in touch with godaddy support team since yesterday. i also posted my issue in this forum yet no one responded.


I am outside singapore, and i tried calling godaddy hotline, it says i have to wait 15 minutes on the line until next available agent may speak with me. I can't wait 15 minutes on telephone, as we have to pay nearly $1 per 1 minute as call charges from my  country to singapore.


I am highly disappointed with GoDaddy live support system. does anyone know how do we get support online related to orders?  any email address?


My yesterday expired domain purchase doesn't appear under my domains section. i have received a confirmation email too

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Sorry to hear that you're having an issue contacting support @nuwannb. I'm in the United States so I don't have the need to use international support but I do know that 24/7 support is available at If you use that link there is a local Singapore number you can call. Of course I can't speak to the support they offer but it's great that GoDaddy had such a support network.


Come back and let us know how this worked out for you. I hope that helps? 


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Can you help me. I want to pay in advance for additional 3 years. Thanks