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Going broke via Reseller Account?!

Where do I start to offer hosting off of my GoDaddy Reseller account? I know of someone who I want to offer hosting too.  


Where do I find out how much GoDaddy is charging and how much should I mark up the price to make a profit.  I realize I should know this but I don't, and that's why I am here. 😉


In addition, one company did purchase a domain name from me years ago. How do I find out when it expires? Does GoDaddy send them a renew via my Re-seller account?


So far my re-seller account has not been worth it because I have not made any money, with the exception of that one domain name... wow! LOL  I have even tried to promote my domain name service on Twitter but I have not made any sales.


Re: Going broke via Reseller Account?!

Greetings @anothernamedesi,


All good questions. Your product offerings can be added and selected in your reseller account control panel. You can mark up by a fixed rate (amount / percentage). One thing to remember here is when new domain extensions come out,,be sure to add them in, More than once I've been unable to close a sale for a reseller because the domain wasn't part of their plan (everybody involved is disappointed). ... and yes we send renewal notices for your reseller account,. We never "push" business to another reseller or GoDaddy proper. That's what makes the domain miss so disappointing... if you don't offer it, all I can do is refer them to an online search.


Also, you can view your profit margin in the account, but here is more on buy rates As for the "sold" domain, a WHOIS search would tell you the expiration.


Now, as regards business generation, let's be honest, a reseller plan is a good start, but it also requires that you work it a little. The good news is we offer a huge number of resources from folks that are doing it right. Here's just one example: Just search our help articles and take advantage of our reseller info.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Going broke via Reseller Account?!