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How To Connect Domains To GoDaddy WordPress - tutorial

Avihaybob wrote,

I have a domain with GoDaddy WordPress connected to it. I bought a second domain and want to connect it to WordPress as well, how do i do that?”


Sethl wrote,

“There are 2 scenarios you're dealing with. The 1st response I'm going to give you will more than likely be the issue you're dealing with.

1) Go into your cPanel account, or whatever platform you're using to upload applications to each of your domains, and upload it. You can do it with the Installatron. Make sure the domain you're putting on is connected to your hosting platform.

Alternate Options:

  • Download the zipped file directly from then manually upload it to your FTP files.
  • Have someone else do it for you, or call up hosting support at GoDaddy to help you

2) If you're trying to connect 2 domains to 1 application, you can mask your "alternate or secondary" domain or simply redirect the domain to the preferred domain, containing the Wordpress application.

For info about masking domains, visit Manually Forwarding or Masking your Domain Name.”

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hi, i just bought a domain from Godaddy and i wanted to host it on Hostgator but on hostgator, it says primarily added.

please i need your assistance