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How can I point my Godaddy Domain Name w/ Premium DNS to an External Host

Good Morning All, 


I have a domain name with GoDaddy and have setup Premium DNS. However my web hosting service is provided by another company, to point the domain to that hosting service would entail me changing the name servers and therefore remove Premium DNS.

(Godaddy Premium DNS is connected to the domain with the following name servers; &


I am looking for a solution to point my domain to the external hosting service without sacrificing the Premium DNS service. 


One solution offered by the GoDaddy support staff has been to change the A record in the DNS settings of the domain name. However I am unsure how this would affect the external host, I know that it would allow the website to be accessed however I am unsure how it would affect my emails which are also now hosted by the external host.


As you may be able to discern I am unfamiliar with the intricacies of DNS settings and would appreciate any help you could provide.


Thank you in advance.



Super User II

You'll need to get the appropriate settings from the host.


For the website edit the A record.

Host: @

Points to: (hosting IP address)


There's usually a few records for email including MX and there could be others (TXT, CNAME).  These can be added and edited similar to the A record.