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Linking to MailGun and Updating the TXT Record

In order to send verified e-mails I was in need of using Mailgun services, so I did everything like I'm doing on every hosting, added TXT and CNAME records to the DNS config on the GoDaddy. There is written that 24-48 hours maybe needed in order to update the settings, it's been over 3 days and yet no changes were made to DNS. What to do? 


Community Manager

Hey @flythesky. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Take a look at my response on this thread. I think it could be related to what you're experiencing. Essentially, you'll want to make sure you're entering the right hostname when setting up your TXT record. 


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This does not work.  I have been going back and forth with GoDaddy and RecruitBPM (an applicant tracking system software that uses mailgun) and after the finger-pointing, trying everything on the internet, plugins, etc, still does not work.  I am resolved to not be able to use this feature and now moving on after 3+ hours of not getting two companies (GoDaddy & RecruitBPM) to talk to each other and tired of being the go-between.  I cannot make this stuff up, usually, GoDaddy is great and have loved them for years, but not being able to have a ticket number, nor contact for this issue to work with this other vendor is truly frustrating.  BTW I am 20 year IT veteran, a GoDaddy Partner, and I pay for both vendors to support my products etc.  I know this is either a permission thing or a silo/turf war thing.