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My domain is being blocked by instagram

Hello all, my domain listed at godaddy,, is forwarded to a photography blog site called Since a short while, Instagram has blocked my url from being used due to a community violation. I can't think this is due to the content (just a plain portrait photography blog), but maybe due to the website's setup, possible unsafe connection or SSL certificate. Could there be something I am missing that makes the website unsafe and therefore automatically blocked by certain services?

Community Manager

Hi @captaincopy. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not seeing any issues with the website at It looks like you're not forwarding this currently (at least not with GoDaddy's forwarding service). If you were using that, then it may have been a problem with HTTPS, since that protocol is not supported by our forwarding servers. Perhaps you've been able to resolve this already? If so, feel free to follow up here with what you did. It may help others in the future. 


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