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My page disappeared

My web page has disappeared.  When I enter the website I get a message that says "You've registered your domain. Now put it to work."


I've had my page set up for years and now it is gone.  What happened?


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Hi @drmoering,

have you recently renewed your domain after it expired?

What is your domain name? 




I believe I renewed in February

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Hi @drmoering,

I would check that your hosting plan hasn't expired. Your domain is active but it doesn't look as if your hosting plan is.

If you wish to be certain then a call to support will clear this up for you. meanwhile I would go into your control panel and check your products to see that your hosting is up and running.


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My website has disappeared.  The domain name for the page is 


Can you please advise why it is no longer there please?


- Heather

Hi Heather,


Have you looked in your account to see if your domain renewal date was approaching?  Unfortunately we cannot look at your account from within the community due to privacy and personal information, so I'd recommend contact our support agents who will be able to give you details about what's occurring.





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Hi @HeatherHev@estieg@drmoering@CSUM.


Also check to see that your 'A' record points to your IP address...... still!

Will do!   

Thank you

Getting Started

Have you renewed your web hosting?

If yes, make sure your domain uses the right NameServers.