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Office 365 nameservers

I have a office 365 exchange account and domain hosted on godaddy.  Email on office 365 accounts works perfect if set the anme servers on godaddyu to the office 365 servers.  This then prevents me from managing DNS on godaddy however.  


I want to use domain forwarding for my Godaddy domain but it only works if the name-servers are godaddy default.  When they are default my email doesn't work. I dont know if i need to modify DNS records in office 365 as i cant find a clear answer on the specific issue of forwarding from within godaddy domain management.


Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?



Community Manager

Hi @Go18Go. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you want to use our domain forwarding service, you would need to use the default GoDaddy nameservers for your domain. However, in doing so, you should be able to manage your DNS records within your GoDaddy account. If you look up your domains current records using a DNS lookup tool, you should be able to just use the same records (Accept for the @ A Record field, which is what would be used by domain forwarding) within your GoDaddy DNS manager. Hope that helps. 


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