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Pointing to another domain!

Looking for some assistance....


I’m trying to forward my GoDaddy domain to an existing built website. I entered in the domain I wish to forward to and in the PREVIEW mode it shows the correct website displayed... after I save the info & visit my GoDaddy domain, its pointing to a different website. 


My existing built website is an offshoot of my companies main website, but it has a separate domain name. After I save the info, I’m pointed to my companies MAIN website, not my own. (Again in preview mode it does display my seperate website, but after saving goes directly to my companies main site)


How can i correct this??


Hi @Gwenarroyo,


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We're not able to see the rest of your DNS to determine why your forward is not directing where you have set it. However, you may also not be allowing enough time for the domain's DNS changes to propagate across the networks. DNS changes can take 24 hours to see globally. If you are still having issues by then, we suggest contacting our support so they can take a look for you.



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