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Request refund

My Office 365 Starter and Personal Website Builder just got renewed today and I don't want it anymore. I need a refund for the renewals as I couldn't call them nor chat with them please!
Thank you
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Hi @Antoinefadel12,

only support can sort out refunds, nobody here. 

If live chat is not available in your country then use a proxy server based in USA or Europe and use 'google translate' to translate your message.

hovering on the godaddy main page for a few minutes and a pop-up-help-guy will appear.......voila chat!


How to connect to a proxy server.

Hello thank you for your reply. How can I do that using phone/tablet since I don't have any access on a computer .Im worried that my refund won't be applicable after
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Hi @Antoinefadel12,

You still should be able to access a proxy server with a tablet. Follow these instructions first:


Then after that, do this:


I can not guarantee the use of these proxy servers as regards security, or use of.


If you can't do this please phone support. Nobody here can do this for you.