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Reseller Information- How do you actually earn money?

Hi- Can anyone tell me how you earn money through go daddy reseller for hosting etc?. Is it commission based? or do you earn money on the difference between what you charge your customers for say monthly hosting as to what go daddy will charge you?. Ie what would be the profit in between your price verses go daddy's reseller price


Any help would be appreciated. 


Many thanks team.

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Re: Reseller Information- How do you actually earn money?

You do earn money. It's more of a commission on a per-purchase basis. It's not that you buy it at a lower price and then turn around and sell it. The customer pays on the site and the transaction is handled through GoDaddy, but you get a commission from them after the purchase.


If someone is really paying attention, they can often get a cheaper price directly on the GoDaddy site, vs. on your reseller site. I do have a reseller account and it can be a challenging sell to convince people they should buy through me vs. directly through GoDaddy. It's not a lot more, but the question gets asked.


On the other hand, if your goal as a business owner is to provide one-stop shopping, the fact that it LOOKS like you are selling/managing the hosting, can be a marketing advantage. I like that i have a branded page with my logo, but with GoDaddy's products. 


One of the best things about the reseller program is that GoDaddy handles all of the back-end, from products to tech support. So you, as the reseller, look like a real hosting company, and that is a big plus. 


I certainly do not have all of my clients hosted through my reseller platform, but some of them are there. So for NO extra work on my part, I do make a bit of money every time they renew -- and I make more than the cost of having the reseller package. 


Re: Reseller Information- How do you actually earn money?

I always recommend Godaddy's affiliate program to people who want to earn money that way. You can earn really good if you can convince people to buy Godaddy hosting package through your affiliate link.


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