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Still waiting to receive funds from go daddy for sold domain - no funds in my paypal

October 25th... Domain sold

October 31st...Funds clear and contact buyer 

Nov 2nd... After learning that Godaddy does not have a secure way to send the domain I contacted them to handle transfer.  The problem is once sold they tell you to contact buyer but do not give you their and expect you to arrange the transfer via email which could allow for the buyer to claim you never sent it.  They took control of the transfer.

Nov 2nd... buyer emails me to confirm he received the transfer

Novemeber 4th.... Still no funds in my paypal


This will be the last time I sell a domain with go daddy


Hi @blake6494,


When you sell a domain to a buyer through the auction interface, it is up to the buyer and seller to be sure the transfer codes are exchanged so the domain can be moved. GoDaddy facilitates to make sure that the buyer gets the domain and the seller gets paid. if you still have not received the funds, you can simply write directly to and they will assist you.





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