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This site can’t be reached ...took too long to respond.

For the past 2 days I've gotten the same message when trying to access my website. Other people can access it but I can't. I made sure it wasn't a problem with my new internet protection service. I checked other threads about this and tried to restart the computer several times. I also tried clearing the DNA cache as suggested in another thread, with no results. I cleared my browser cache too. Nothing is working. 


Former Employee

Greetings @Sam222 ,


Actually, 2 days sounds about right if it's a new registration / DNS change. It can take as long as 48 hours for this to initially propagate throughout the entire Internet.


Now assuming it's been longer than that and you are still having issues, you can try at least three other things:


You might also try a "private" browsing session which removes add-ons and such from your specific browser.


If your hosting with GoDaddy, you might be sure you selected servers in your region (or the region of most usage).


Finally, you can always try a trace route (these are free from various online vendors) which will tell you where the connection fails or times-out. Remember each trace is unique, so it may vary with time and day, but after a while, you may get a picture of what's timing out en route.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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We are facing the same issue  for the last 6 months in different domains

no solutions from your support so we moved to new servers