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Transferring domain to Godaddy that is not supported ( & .my)

Hi all,


I recently purchased two domains from this company called Exabytes as GoDaddy does not support the domains of "" & ".my", and which I have no choice but to purchase it from Exabytes. 


I sent an email to Exabytes support to check with them and their email is as below image.


I managed to retrieve my primary hosting domain and provided it to them but there are no changes to the domain settings.


Checked with Exabytes again, below is their response.


image.pngMay I know if such request is successful, where and how can I check and see the new domains that were transferred into Godaddy?


Appreciate the support from everyone and thanks in advance!


Hi @Hypercode, thanks for posting.

You will want to ensure that you are using the correct nameservers for the domain name. The exact steps to find the nameservers to use for your domains varies depending on what service you are using. Check the options in this article to find your nameservers:


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