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Two Domains - One works, One doesn't

I have two domains, both registered and hosted at GoDaddy. One works fine, one doesn't: (works) (doesn't work)


The domain doesn't respond to a ping. I've looked into the DNS settings and everything seems to be setup correctly. Any thoughts?

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Re: Two Domains - One works, One doesn't

I assume that your intention is to point these to different hosting @schultz_gary? You may find that some hosting or servers respond quicker than others. This mean when first pointing your domain some may connect in ten minutes and some might take ten hours? The usual time you should wait before you worry about a DNS change if 24 to 72 hours. Have you waited the prescribed time for these? 


One tip is to make make DNS templates for condos you make often. If you have five websites all hosted on one server you can Add DNS Templates and Apply DNS Templates to make configuration simple. A DNS template allows you to copy a worthing DNS configuration to other domains. I hope that helps? 


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Re: Two Domains - One works, One doesn't



I couldn't find any issues with the DNS either. I'm thinking it's stuck in a loop of some sort. Possibly something in the .htaccess/web.config file or a redirect of some sort. 


This is probably something you'll need to call into support or hit up livechat about. They can do diagnostics on the backend that should give some info on how to correct it.

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Re: Two Domains - One works, One doesn't

Just to follow up on this @rd & @MrVapor, I did have to contact support and I ended up having to change the IP Address in my A Record. Easy fix but no way for me to know it was wrong. Thanks for the responses.