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Warning: Domains Are Made Worthless By Speculators

A start up can't get a chance with a good domain, due to the trading of domains like a stock market.    Can't get hosting for a domain we can't buy, because we can't afford it with domain price gouging.  Plus they charge you to make a bid on an already gouging over priced domain.  


Meanwhile the good domains are sitting on their shelves losing their real value, which was active live traffic, because traffic seo or meta gets cut when the domain changes hands or topics.   So all you are left with is a name, and then the rest of us all have to go invent other names and reprogram audiences to use those new names.  Example: Google, Craigslist, Vimeo. Their first choice or more appropriate names are taken by speculators. Cutting into the domain speculators's business.


Those that properly own the word or phrase, either via registered business or copyright. The means the owner of the domain name can't use the domain without the word name owner's permission. The domains that are being stashed become completely worthless. Or didn't domain trading and speculating how to books tell you that? You just wasted a lot of money, more when this missive gets out. Boo hoo!  


Look up copyright law and common law copyright in the USA, as well as any countries you plan to use or trade your domain names.  Better still, ask a copyright lawyer.  


Also consider what real value is traffic if it is all speaks and reads another language than your audience. For example if your audience speaks and reads only English, but the traffic for the overpriced domain you just bought mostly speak and read only Arabic and/or Chinese. 


My day job is a business developer and researcher.  I save each of my clients tens of thousands or more dollars with this advice and they don't regret it. 

Individualize your brand.




Former Employee

Greetings @Gigslist,

I just wanted to offer some thanks for taking the time to post. You are offering some sage advice here on domain selection. As for speculators, the domain industry is not unlike the real estate industry in many ways. Speculators drive prices up but there are still bargains for those willing to do the work. Please note that we do offer some search tools on domain selection on our site.


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