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Website domain extensions?

This is a total donkey question but I still need clarification so I'll just throw it out there and see what I get.  

I have several web domains that I purchased through godaddy, we are gearing up for an expansion into a new market and need to get our web presence dialed in over in the Seattle area. Right now our web domain has the ending of What I'm trying to do if find out if I can add a site extension through a separate hosting service so we can test more than one website provider using the sale domain. 


Example: - etc. Is this possible? I know I can obviously do this using our hosting service but we are very unhappy with their customer service and need to establish ourselves in this new market center before we split ties completely. Any insight here would be appreciated. 

Super User I

This can be done with sub-domains, which can be pointed to separate hosting accounts much like a regular domain.  So for example to make you could create an A record...


Host: seattle

Points to: (the IP address of the hosting account)