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custom dns issue

All my domains have been bought at GoDaddy, but the hosting accounts are with a inmotionhosting company. In Godaddy admin, I initially set the dns to point to my hosting company's servers (, Everything was working fine. I recently got custom ns for my host (,, and i wanted to updated the dns for my domains in godaddy admin panel. When I try to, I get an error stating the the dns are invalid. I'm not sure what to do, can someone please advise?


Hi librarc, 

   The cause of the error could have a few reasons behind it. However, one thing to note, if you are adding cutsom Nameservers that use your domain (for example, if you have, and as your custom Nameservers and you own the domain you would first need to set the the NS1 and NS2 as part of your host names on the domain. I have provided a guide below to explain how to set your host names. Afterwards you should be able to modify other domains you have registered to utilize your custom Nameservers. 


If this method does not help please contact our 24/7 inbound customer support line so that our support teams may further research the issue. 


Add my own host names as nameservers


Hope this Helps!


Thanks for your reply. I already added the hostnames a while ago under the manage dns area ( This was done a few months ago. However, when i try to change from old dns to new i get this: 

Hi librarc,

   Thank you for the update. I was able to determine that the Namerservers are infact registered via Verisign. Please contact our inbound customer support department at a time of your convenience as this matter will need to be addressed by our technical support team members.  Sorry for the troubles.


Best wishes,


Hi There,



it seems, this DNS issue happend to me too.

my Domain in GoDaddy and the NS Server in outside VPS 

but after i change the NS entries, the domain is not resolved until now.

Could I miss something to this?