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How to config with godaddy domain??

I followed this instruction but cannot at @ for CNAME and it said it already exists. Should I delete all the records under manage dns and left only two CNAME as the link said ??? What am I missing ?

Thank you.
Helper V

@htooeainlwin How you set this up depends. If you are only going to use then you can safely remove all CNAME, A and AAAA records. once deleted you should be able to Add an "@" CNAME Record for Surge.

If you are using Godaddy for DNS you can follow the steps to Add a CNAME Record. If you are still having trouble adding the correct record it would be helpful if you provided your Domain and where your DNS is managed at so me or another community member can better assist you.

If you see the following error



then you will need to look for the "@" record and delete it.



This will allow you to add the CNAME Record



Once the old "@" record is deleted you can add the CNAME Record. And if you have a "www" record you should delete the existing record and add the record as recommended by



Therefore, I delete all my records but haven't changed the nameserver yet and I still can't add @ for cname. It's already exists. Should I delete them too?? 
Thanks for your help. @oslinux


Yes, Delete all DNS A records and CNAME records including the records for "@" once they have been deleted you should be able to add the CNAME records that are needed.