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domain name with shopify

Hello, If I create a subdomain and install a new wordpress template will that erase what's on the server right now? The current domain is being hosted at myshopify at this time.



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Hello @bstudioart, I might be able to give you a bit of insight on this? If you have your domain pointed to Shopify you probably followed directions like the ones Shopify lists under Common providers? Otherwise you went the Buying a domain through Shopify method. Either of those methods would mean that your domain is pointed to Shopify hosting (your Shopify storefront).


Shopify is a hosted platform, it is my experience that Shopify does not provide for a self-hosted WordPress installation. Basically you would need separate hosting (like GoDaddy hosting) and then just set up your subdomain (if your domain is with Shopify) and point it to your hosting. After that you can install WordPress in (or whatever directory you choose) then still host your Shopify store at the root I hope that helps and it's not too confusing?

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Thanks! My friend actually does not want the account with myshopify so it doesn't matter either way. 


Thanks again!