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godaddy cheats again

there are numerous examples where godaddys code of conduct and operations have been a questionale zone , here is a fresh one that happened today .

booked 7 domains payment got through ,got to the landing page confirming the same , and the domains still dint reflect on the account , on the 1st call which lasted well more than 1 hour the rep read out and confirmed that 5 orders were through and 2 went to pending status, while the other 5 still dint show up on the account .

the rep confirmed that at he could see them and read out the domains to me to confirm, so i though its ok if there isnt a way to get those 2 back i shall be content with the other 5 , how ever on a call 2 hours later the new rep says the registry(nixi) has decline the booking of domains and i shall get my money back ,on hearing this i became furious and demanded for a supervisor ,he then stated that that will be of no help, then the rep disconnected the call and never called back ,i have been cheated , i dont want my money back , the domains still appear in my order history and shall take this further to the registry if needed,  


 if any body here is willing or suggesting some thing would be glad to add that 

ps: i have taken  a few screenshots that might be produced when needed