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pointing my google domain to my home ip address to port forward to my home web server

in theory I thought I could use dns to point my google domain to my internet ip address and it would port forward to my home web server like happens when i pay my my dyn dns service but it doesnt seem to work that way. how can I point my google domain to my home web server?


Hey there!


I've been able to do this before although it was a long time ago.


First thing have you checked the domain is actually resolving to the correct IP > Use to check where the A records are pointing.


What steps have you taken so far on


And what have you done in regards to port forwarding on your router?


Thanks 🙂



Im not using my dyn on this domain Im trying to get google domains to point to my web server. I tried whatsmydns and it is pointing to my isp's ip. my iis web server has the site using my domain and it works local but not from the internet. port forwarding on the router is directing all http requests on port 80 to my servers ip and I have 2 sites using my dyd dns name servers that work fine.

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Hi @jirvinh. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that your ISP is blocking port 80 requests. This is fairly typical unless you have a business account with the ISP and a static IP address. I'd recommend contacting them to find out what their policies are. Hope that helps. 


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My isp doesnt block port 80 I have 2 web sites running using my dyn dns. google domains support got back to me and explained how to set up a name server for my web server. Im trying that today