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I've noticed something that seems to be under the radar, so I wanted to table this for feedback.  I've created a dozen or so subdomains for our website.  However, some targets do not cooperate and just show a blank screen, but it will show the subdomain details you add when created it, description, etc but blank page.  Some examples that do not work as a subdomain...


If anyone knows of some block that websites can employ that prohibits someone creating a subdomain with these or others sites, please let me know.  I have researched but come up with nothing.  All of these sites have our business information with a target business site.

Community Manager

Hi @DR2you. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you may be setting up your subdomains as CNAME records. When you set up such a record, it sends traffic to the URL you list in the "points to" section in such a way that it looks for the domain on that server. Since your domain isn't hosted on that server, it returns an error. If you want to set up subdomains that forward to other websites, it would be better to either set up a redirect on your hosting server or set up a forwarded sub domain. Hope that helps. 


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