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trying to add a delegation to a domain I own ...

This is made worse by the completely incorrect and misuse of the term "subdomain" by GoDaddy (and every other web hosting co. in existence). I'm trying to add a subdomain (NOT a host record), that is, for domain, I want another zone within it named "", but I need to add NS records. The Manage DNS page does have a drop down for "nameserver" but it just produces an error when trying to add a delegation. How can I add NS records like:  IN NS

Why is this completely trivial and common dns task so hidden and difficult to accomplish?



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In researching this, I see that you've been able to set the necessary nameservers for your subdomain. As you may have figured out, you need to switch your domain manager to "list" view, select the specific domain, and then manage the DNS for that domain. That will give you additional options, including the ability to add different nameservers for a subdomain. 


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I've put 4 of my domains in a folder and have invited another individual to be an administrator.  That person has accepted.  I've assigned the folder to that person.  However, when he logs in he doesn't see any domains to manage.


Is the folder feature of domain management working?



I am running across the same issue. This feature is broken. We cannot simply delegate access to all of our domains to someone. That would seem like a bad idea for a few reasons, no?