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whois information

Hi all,

I am trying to allow customers to pay through my website through Merchant Credit Card Processing Services called and is asking about whois information for my website.
Does anyone dealt with and it is trusted company ?

and where to get the whois information for my website


thanks a lot.


Hey @hamedhumaid,


I can't personally vouch for as I'm not familiar with the service. If any other member is, perhaps they can share more insight into their services with you here. 


Regarding your WhoIs details, that is generally public information through most WhoIs search results including our own for common TLD's (.com, .net, .org, etc..).  


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@hamedhumaid, the meaning of the term "WhoIs" is too general for a specific answer. If you still need help then be specific about what information they are asking for. If your domain is registered with privacy and they are asking you for information that is protected by privacy then it might be a scam. If you don't understand what I am saying then please specify what information they are asking for.

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They most likely mean which is a service provided by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. WHO IS info are typically public information regarding the owner of the domain such as email address, business address and other contact info. As far as, IDK who they are but it does make sense for them to know your basic information since you will be handling other people's credit card info. Higher level of SSL certifications are actually more demanding than this.   If I were you, I would use PayPal... They do charge 2% though

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