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365 email Stopped when I configured a new workspace e-mail in My Domain

I  have 365 e-mail as the main e-mail for my domain. Then, I bought the package that has 5 workspace emails for my employees. When I created the first workspace email, my 365 e-mail stopped. What I understood is that the Servers for 365 is different from the ones for workspace emails. If I go to my 365 e-mail management page, the system tells me that in order to make it work again, you can no longer send and receive email with previously existing accounts (Workspace emails) on this domain.


What can I do in order to make both of 365 email and workspace emails functional???

Getting Started

You can't have both types of email working off of one domain name. 


So you have 2 options.


1. Use a different domain name for 365 or Workspace Email.

2. Everyone would need to go to either email, Workspace Email or 365.